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Cardinal Cushing Centers
Massachusetts - South Shore, United States
12 days ago
Cardinal Cushing Centers
Massachusetts - South Shore, United States
12 days ago



**Seeking House Manager in Hanover & Rockland locations.

The Residential Supports Manager (RSM) is responsible for the smooth and safe operation of all homes and apartments assigned. This responsibility involves coordination, supervision and monitoring of staff, schedules and buildings over the 24-hour day. The RSM assures that staff assist people with disabilities to do all the things that we do each day in our lives. Primary emphases are on self-determination and community inclusion of persons with disabilities.



  • Upholds the mission and corporate values of Cardinal Cushing Centers
  • Promotes and adheres to the tenets of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Regular attendance and promptly reporting to work at the beginning of the scheduled shift are essential functions of this position

Promoting empowerment, self-direction and self-determination

  • Treats the person with the disability as the primary decision-maker
  • Provides accurate and timely information to individuals
  • Encourages individuals to put forth opinions and choices and to solve problems
  • Works in partnership with each person, respecting his or her preferences
  • Helps individuals to recognize and use their unique strengths and gifts
  • Provides guidance to staff who support people in developing informal networks of support.
  • Assists staff to understand and implement the concepts of self-direction and self-determination

Teaching and helping skills

  • Provides physical and personal support based upon individual needs and strengths
  • Teaches individuals how to manage activities of daily living such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, budgeting, personal hygiene, health care practices, money management, traveling, self-control and leisure time
  • Provides community linkages to assist people to participate in cultural and spiritual activities of their choice
  • Assures that staff know how to identify, secure and use needed equipment
  • Assists the individual to obtain needed therapies and to recruit and train other helpers

Communication skills

  • Provides basic counseling to staff and individuals about issues that concern them
  • Adapts communication to individual needs including paraphrasing, translating or using adaptive devices
  • Shows sensitivity to multicultural and multilingual needs of staff and individuals
  • Uses effective, sensitive communication skills to build trust with staff and individuals
  • Maintains the confidentiality of all communications to ensure the privacy of individuals supported

Building relationships and community connections

  • Identifies the types of formal and informal supports needed by an individual
  • Assists individuals in accessing and coordinating needed supports
  • Helps individuals to develop and maintain friendships and other relationships
  • Connects with community members and organizations (e.g., employer, civic organizations)
  • Shows sensitivity to cultural, religious, racial, disability and gender issues in daily practices and interactions
  • Engages in and promotes sensitive, genuine and warm in interactions with individuals, their families and staff

Planning and giving support

  • Helps in understanding the needs, preferences and strengths of people who need support
  • Assists in planning ways of supporting people and participates in the development of the person’s ISP
  • Helps to carry out support plans based on each person’s needs and goals
  • Helps individuals and staff determine when plan goals and strengths need to be reviewed or changed
  • Schedules transportation and provides transportation when necessary

Health and safety

  • Assures the overall health and safety of individuals through services implementation and upkeep of homes and apartments
  • Assures that the personal physical needs of individuals are met routinely (e.g., health, personal hygiene, appearance and medication)
  • Supports individuals in achieving good health through preventive and specialized health screenings and examinations
  • Explains preventive health practices such as good nutrition and stress management
  • Evidences competency in first aid practices and awareness of illness prevention and medication side-effects
  • Uses and encourages others to use Universal Precautions to control the spread of infections
  • Supervises the implementation of emergency procedures and protocols
  • Uses Safety Care techniques competently and cautiously when physically intervening with an individual and supervises other staff in their implementation
  • Periodically conducts fire drills according to Department policy and procedures, documents and evaluates the results, and institutes procedures to correct any deficiencies

Crisis intervention

  • Identifies the crisis and defuses the situation, ensuring the safety of all concerned
  • Assists staff to learn from past and current problems to prevent them in the future
  • Monitors crisis situations, discusses the situation with staff and authorized and persons, adjusts supports, and follows reporting procedures

Ethical conduct

  • Respects individual human, civil and legal rights and assists individuals in exercising these rights
  • Reports to appropriate authorities the occurrence of emotional or physical abuse or any other activity that adversely affects individuals
  • Promotes justice and equal treatment of all persons
  • Recognizes the importance of individual need over other demands
  • Serves as Human Rights Officer when assigned by the Vice President for Adult Services


  • Works effectively and sensitively with all members of the individual’s health and human services team (i.e., individual, family members, friends, advocates, agency personnel and other professionals)
  • Practices team skills such as cooperation, leadership, conflict management and consensus building
  • Provides and accepts co-worker support and participates in supportive supervision, performance evaluation, and the screening and orientation of new employees
  • Contributes to the review and improvement of services and supports and helps to set Department and Division priorities to ensure quality
  • Assures compliance with the standards of the DDS Survey and Certification system
  • Works closely with the administrative team to assure consistency within the person’s home or apartment
  • Keeps the administrative team and other colleagues informed, both in written documents and verbally, of progress and activities of the individual, especially when some aspect appears to be out of the ordinary for the person


  • Executes responsibilities in a timely manner (e.g., assigned work hours, completion of documentation)
  • Assures that all homes and apartments have assigned coverage at all times, secures replacement staff for absences and submits time sheets
  • Manages inventory so that homes and apartments have what they need
  • Uses vehicles safely
  • Manages incidental expenses


  • Maintains accurate time records; collecting, organizing, evaluating information and submitting information as required
  • Communicates effectively in writing and records information neatly, coherently, accurately and objectively
  • Organizes record keeping systems and manages documentation efficiently
  • Documents significant activities, events and incidents and follows through on communication to others
  • Supervises staff in the implementation of organizational policies and procedures


  • Completes special projects and assumes additional responsibilities as required


Direct Supervision of DSP staff assigned regular shifts within RSM Program as well as DSP Relief Staff. Monthly supervisions and annual evaluations are to be completed for each DSP staff being supervised by RSM and regular relief DSP staff are completed as needed/as assigned.

Schedule and Facilitate Monthly Staff meetings


Related Work Experience

Two years provision of direct services to people with disabilities or in special education

Evidence of experience with persons with developmental disabilities and their families

Formal Education, Certification, Licensing

  • Bachelor’s degree [A high school diploma may be substituted for a Bachelor’s degree if the applicant has two years prior experience, education or training in paid or volunteer human services activities, is a person with disabilities, or is a family member of a person with disabilities.]
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Completion of orientation and required training in CPR, Safety Care, First Aid, medication administration, health education, fire safety and agency policies and procedures
  • Must complete a Human Rights Advocacy through DDS (to become an officer), DDS Fire Safety, DPPC/Mandated Reporter, Social Role Valorization and Neutral Writing class, within one year of employment.


  • Knowledge of the current philosophies, policies, procedures and practices of the delivery of supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities and their families
  • Knowledge of local communities and their resources
  • Knowledge of computer systems and software programs
  • Ability to interact sensitively and effectively with persons with disabilities, families, other staff and the public
  • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relations with others, including persons from diverse ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds
  • Ability to supervise and guide other staff toward excellence in the completion of their responsibilities
  • Ability to effectively assume a good deal of responsibility and work independently
  • Ability to represent the Department, Division and CCC effectively to the public
  • Ability to teach other staff and individuals effectively
  • Ability to coordinate the requirements of a health, safety or behavioral emergency situation
  • Ability to implement Safety Care techniques safety and with consideration of the emotional needs of the individual
  • Ability to communicate effectively and to give written and oral instructions in a precise, understandable manner
  • Ability to set priorities, goals and objectives, and coordinate and evaluate their completion
  • Ability to organize time and tasks effectively and efficiently over the homes managed
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment
  • Ability to anticipate and analyze difficult situations and take corrective action to prevent future problems
  • Ability to adjust to changing situations to meet emergency or changing organizational requirements
  • Ability to handle and disseminate confidential information
  • Ability to accomplish work objectives where few precedents or guidelines are available
  • Ability to successfully work on multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to travel for job-related purposes


Assist in lifting of individuals

May need to assist in physical intervention with an individual


Assists with the personal hygiene of individuals, including assistance in the bathroom

Travel for job-related purposes, sometimes in adverse weather conditions

Works a flexible schedule to assure full coordination and supervision over 24-hours of home operations

May need to work under stringent time demands

Job Type: Full-time

Job Information

  • Job ID: 58137175
  • Location:
    Massachusetts - South Shore, United States
  • Position Title: Residential Supports Manager
  • Company Name For Job: Cardinal Cushing Centers
  • Job Function: Program Manager
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Min Education: H.S. Diploma/Equivalent

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